Huelva – Small Getaway

I asked myself why it took me so long to visit Huelva, Spain. After all, it is only 2 hours distance from where I currently live. The truth is, sometimes life doesn’t allow us to take the time we need, and in the between so many things you have to solve and do, resting and fun comes in last place of the list.

However, I was in need of a weekend far from my routine and life – a weekend to explore, eat and drink and have some fun! So, me and my best friends decided to spend a weekend in the country of nuestros hermanos.

I wasn’t with high expectations, really; I knew Huelva is a small city, touristic place and beach destination – something that wasn’t in our plans. But, I was surprised as Huelva is much more than it looks like and what you see and read on internet. It is truly a wonderful place to be, with very friendly and warm people and well, where you find magnificent food!

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